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Working with Cecilia Rinaldi

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From her website:

Born from homonymous signature dedicated to critical and ethical fashion, Cecilia Rinaldi is a stream of tailoring / clothing based on high craftsmanship as Italian excellence and on the environmental social sustainability: for this purpose Cecilia Rinaldi uses bio / organic fabrics from small crops and small Italian historical shops. The Italian style is combined with a form that makes it be oriental deconstructed refined style called urban ethno-chic. Cecilia Rinaldi adopts the concept of Slow Fashion and all the criteria of quality, care, beauty, safeguard of diversity and people. The result is high quality garments, ethically  and environmentally correct . The collection, as well as the Slow Fashion, focuses on sustainability, beauty, longevity and respect for human rights continues to search for a quality that should never be at the expense of tradition. “Choosing to buy one head of quality instead of two medium-low level helps to reduce the environmental impact of our wardrobe,” says the same Cecilia Rinaldi who continues “as well as having a closet classic head of excellent workmanship is undeniably a long-term investment if made it with a high quality fabric. “


from Ecocapsule / Spring Summer 2015

100% Organic Color on 100% Pure Silk


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From Synthesis: The Purity of Form / Autumn Winter 2015/2016

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