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Medulla 4 Spaghetty Party

Spaghetti - 1

Spaghetti - 1

Handprinted by Medulla with organic colors
100% organic cotton
Fair Wear Production

Limited Edition for Art Project

NODE 2016

Nodeposter - 1

Nodeposter - 1 Nodeposter - 2 Nodeposter - 3 Nodeposter - 4 Nodeposter - 5 Nodeposter - 6 Nodeposter - 7

Handprinted by Medulla with organic colors
Designed by Luca Zamoc for Node Festival
The most difficult print made by Medulla
Five layers composed in three hues of gray made by graphite (asteroids), two hues of black made by a mix of Chlorophyll Extract, Rubia and Indigo dye
30 copies limited edition 35x50cm
Signed and numbered by the artist

Medulla 4 Node Festival 2016

Nodepass - 1

Nodepass - 1 Nodepass - 2

Handprinted by Medulla with organic colors
Three types of materials support for each kind of tickets: wood / grey cardboard / brown cardboard.
Exept for the wood one, every single pass had a different asteroid printed, taken from the Node Festival 2016 official poster.

for NODE Festival

Medulla 4 minimum fax

liberty - 1 minimum - 4 minimum - 3 minimum - 2

Handprinted by Medulla with organic colors
Designed by Davide Montorsi for the book “Il cinghiale che uccise Liberty Valance” by Giordano Meacci, edited by minimum fax, running for the “Premio Strega 2016”.
Black made by a mix of Chlorophyll Extract, Rubia and Indigo dye
Yellow made by Curcuma dye
30 copies limited edition 35x50cm
Signed and numbered by the artist

Medulla @ Bottega dei Gozzi a Modena



Medulla lascia Locanda Panaro e approda a Modena presso la Bottega dei Gozzi. Il nuovo laboratorio si trova oggi nell’antica legatoria di Via Toscanini 241 a Modena. L’inaugurazione avverrà Sabato 2 Luglio 2016 alle 17:00 e in questa occasione verranno presentati al pubblico i due laboratori: legatoria e serigrafia con pigmenti naturali.

Medulla @ Soul Hands | Art & Surfskate Festival



We are happy to announce that Medulla will join to the “Soul-Hands” Arts and Surfskate Festival on Sunday, May 22, 2016 from 9:30 to 19:30 Torre Maina / Rimini.

See you on the beach listening to wood waves.

Siamo felici di annunciare che Medulla parteciperò alla manifestazione “Soul-Hands” Arts and Surfskate Festival Domenica 22 Maggio 2016 dalle 9:30 alle 19:30 a Torre Maina / Rimini.

Ci vediamo in spiaggia per ascoltare le onde di legno.

Medulla Workshop @ Brera Academy

Medulla Brera 2016 web

Medulla Brera 2016 web

On the 22 and 23 of March 2016 Medulla will have the onor of holding two-day workshop at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera. During these two days we will talk about  screen printing, anthroposophy, extraction of pigments, organic colors, ethics in the fashion system and organic certifications and fair wear. The workshop is reserved for the Academy students.

Il 22 e il 23 Marzo 2016 Medulla avrà l’onore di tenere un workshop di due giorni presso l’Accademia delle Belle Arti di Brera. Durante queste due giornate si parlerà di serigrafia, antroposofia, estrazione dei pigmenti, colori organici, etica nel sistema moda e certificazioni bio e fair wear. Riservato agli studenti dell’accademia.





Felpa_-_1 Felpa02_-_1

Handprinted by Medulla with organic colors

60% Recycled pre-consumer cotton organically grown
40% Recycled post-consumer polyester
Brushed 2-ply 8oz / 290g

Fair Wear Production
Organic Blended
Global Recycled Standard

Working 4 FUSE

fuse01 - 1

Vinyl Case 4 FUSE
handprinted with 100% organic colors
Ljós is a live media performance by FUSE

fuse03 - 1 fuse02 - 1 fuse01 - 1

Working 4 All The Fruits

ATF02 - 1

Scarves 4 All The Fruits
handprinted with 100% organic colors

ATF01 - 1 ATF02 - 1 ATF03 - 1

Working with Cecilia Rinaldi

accessori M

From her website:

Born from homonymous signature dedicated to critical and ethical fashion, Cecilia Rinaldi is a stream of tailoring / clothing based on high craftsmanship as Italian excellence and on the environmental social sustainability: for this purpose Cecilia Rinaldi uses bio / organic fabrics from small crops and small Italian historical shops. The Italian style is combined with a form that makes it be oriental deconstructed refined style called urban ethno-chic. Cecilia Rinaldi adopts the concept of Slow Fashion and all the criteria of quality, care, beauty, safeguard of diversity and people. The result is high quality garments, ethically  and environmentally correct . The collection, as well as the Slow Fashion, focuses on sustainability, beauty, longevity and respect for human rights continues to search for a quality that should never be at the expense of tradition. “Choosing to buy one head of quality instead of two medium-low level helps to reduce the environmental impact of our wardrobe,” says the same Cecilia Rinaldi who continues “as well as having a closet classic head of excellent workmanship is undeniably a long-term investment if made it with a high quality fabric. “


from Ecocapsule / Spring Summer 2015

100% Organic Color on 100% Pure Silk


IMG_2110 M

IMG_2109 M

IMG_2107 M


From Synthesis: The Purity of Form / Autumn Winter 2015/2016

accessori M


WALAMAGHE / Poster / Limited Edition


Silkscreen poster
Handprinted with organic colors by Medulla
Artwork : Dipankara
2 Layers / Rubia and Cochineal
30 copies limited edition 35x50cm
Signed and numbered by the artist.